Tweet- the series

A teen paranormal webseries 

                                                  Meet the Cast

Fallon Ward

Played by Taylor Blackwell

"Sweet baby Jesus" 

character biography

Fallon Ward is a pretty teen with a passion for collecting old items. She loves vintage movies, books, music, and fashion. She’s an old soul that often feels disconnected with the modern world. She is nervous and quick to panic. Fallon has a secret, and it’s her story to tell.

actor biography

Taylor Blackwell is a 16 year old actress from South Florida. Taylor is best known as Lauren Evans from the Starz original series Magic City, and as Susie in Dolphin Tale 2. Most recently, Taylor illustrated a children's book called Fred Needs A Hat, written by  (writer/director of Tweet- the series) Marc Zatorsky. Taylor enjoys playing the guitar, playing the ukulele, singing, dancing, playing tennis, doing arts and crafts, hanging out with her friends, and messing around with her three younger siblings. 

Sammy Longworth

Played by Donnie O'Connor

"Just remember, you're a super hero"

character biography

Sammy Longworth is the clumsy cute boy next door. He’s intelligent, well-mannered, and always ready to help. He has a crush on Fallon, but is awkward with his feelings and is too shy to let her know.

actor biography

Donnie O’Connor is an actor from South Florida. He began acting in the 3rd grade, doing plays in his elementary school drama club. Donnie went on to do plays and musicals as a theatre major at Bak Middle School of the Arts, and now Dreyfoos School of the Arts. In 2009, he began making YouTube videos for his friends and family. From there grew a love of video production, which lead to the creation of his own film production company in 2013 called, "PF Productions", which is currently called, "DMOC Film Productions." Donnie has written, directed and starred in an original feature length comedy film, as well as a short film. He is now in production for a new feature length, as well as a sketch comedy web series. His work has been featured in The Palm Beach Post and


Played by Cayla Brady

"No F-N way"

character biography

Jenna is Fallon’s lovely best friend back in Ohio. Jenna shares Fallon’s love of old movies. She is a true best friend. She is loyal and believes her best friend’s rantings about a possessed phone. Jenna is brave and quick to help. 

actor biography

Cayla Brady is a 16 year old actress who grew up in the Tampa Bay area, but now resides in Los Angeles. Cayla is best known for her role as a stand in/photo double in Dolphin Tale 1 and Dolphin Tale 2, and as Hillary Norskog on an episode of Killer Kids. She was recently in a feature film titled "The Nice Guys", which is set to release in 2016. Cayla enjoys playing the piano and guitar, running, and playing tennis. In her free time, Cayla enjoys watching movies, cooking, being with family and friends, and playing video games.

Riley Sturgis 

Played by Carson Rowland

"So easy"

character biography

Riley Sturgis is the star quarterback at Lathrop Harvey High. He’s the popular boy on campus and he knows it. GO BULLDOGS!!

actor biography

Carson Rowland is a 17 year old actor from Florida. Carson started acting at the age of 7 in theater, and has loved it ever since. In his free time, Carson enjoys fishing and free - diving. Carson is extremely excited to be in Tweet- the series, his first web series. He would like to thank Marc and Shawnee, the producers/creators/writers, for giving him this amazing opportunity. Carson has learned a lot throughout this experience, and is thrilled to be a part of the story.  

                                                  Additional Cast Members

Uncle Mike

played by Mario Xavier

"If I showed you anything else, I'd have to kill ya" 

character biography

Uncle Mike is Fallon’s uncle. He’s caring, nurturing, and swoops in when trouble is afoot. Uncle Mike is a C.I.A. agent and comes from a long line of military in his family; but dealing with a trouble teen is new territory. His is equally skilled with a high powered rifle as he is with a high powered kitchen blender. He loves his niece and his cutting her some slack since her recent move and her Mother’s deployment.

actor biography

 Mario Xavier is a member of both the Screen Actor's Guild and the Director's Guild of America.  He has been behind the scenes of such shows as 'Burn Notice', 'Magic City' and movies such as 'Iron Man 3' and 'Dolphin Tale 2'.  He also have a popular YouTube channel that hosts such movies as "Dinosaur Zoo" and "Living Dead Lock Up".
*Fun Fact: This is Mario's fourth time working with Taylor Blackwell, who plays Fallon Ward. Taylor and Mario worked together on Charlie's Angels, Magic City, Dolphin Tale 2, and now Tweet- the series! 


played by Mike Benitez 

"Son of a basket!"

character biography

Petey is the owner of a vintage clock repair shop. Petey can fix anything; well except Freddie and Fallon.

actor biography

Mike Benitez was born in Cuba, and came to the US at the age of five. He grew up in Miami, FL and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre from Florida State University. He has worked as an actor on Stage, TV, Film and Commercials. Recently Mike appeared in the movie The SpongeBob Movie: A Sponge Out of Water. 2015 will also feature Mike in Ant Man by Marvel Studios, Tweet Season 2 reprising his role as Petey and The Real Rob (a series starring, directed and written/created by comedian Rob Schneider.) Soon he will also appear in Hulu’s Pilot called South Beach. Mike’s also been very busy creating, writing and acting in video content for The Pulse Church of Miami located at the Tropical Park in Miami, FL. The Pulse Church has allowed Mike to use his many talents to serve God in ways that he never thought was possible. Mike Benitez believes that every time he steps on a set as an actor it’s a dream come true.

Prudence Wildflower

played by Avery Sommers

"Child, you need a counselor"

character biography

Prudence Wildflower is the owner of Vintage Diversity where Fallon purchased Freddie. Freddie? The phone…that’s what Fallon calls him. Miss Pru is mysterious and aloof. Being an avid antique collector, she believes objects have a story to tell.

actor biography

Avery Sommers is a Broadway, film and television actress/singer. Avery has had featured roles in nine independent films all shot in South Florida.  She won Best Supporting Actress in the film "IMMIGRATION TANGO",  presented to her by the Angel Film Festival in Monte Carlo, Monaco 2011. In May of 2015 Avery performed The  wonderful music of  composer/lyricist Alex Rybeck in the great Cabaret Room "54 Below" in New York City. Avery is currently working on new music for her solo show "I LOVE BEING HERE WITH YOU"  which she will present in  Alexander W. Dreyfoos Hall in "THE KRAVIS CENTER" April 5, 2016. More can be found about Avery on IMDB. 

Principal Potter-Lane

played by Jessica K. Peterson

"Sell homes" 

character biography

Principal Potterlane is the frustrated principal who has been an educator at Harvey Lathrop High for longer than she cares to remember. She has seen it all. Her shiny ambition to mold young children into fine upstanding young adults has been tarnished by the years and the constant flow of teens coming through her doors. GO RED GHOSTS!

actor biography

Jessica K Peterson is a SAG/AFTRA and AEA actress who is currently based out of Florida. She has performed on stages across the country, and co-starred in one of the last episodes of BURN NOTICE. She is also an audio-book narrator and dubbing artist. A lover of all things creative, she is also a fine art photographer, artist and jewelry designer. The daughter of a U.S. diplomat, she has lived and traveled to many exotic places.

Ettinger Bradley

played by Jason Anderson

"Do you believe you're insane?" 

character biography

Ettinger Bradley is a self-admitted mental care patient. He’s distinguished, handsome, pensive, soft-spoken introvert. He’s deeply troubled with his own thoughts. As a former owner of Freddie, Fallon believes he holds the key to her secret.

actor biography

Jason Anderson is an aspiring actor from South Florida, who is soon-to-be best known for his role as Ettinger Bradley in soon-to-be amazingly huge hit web series Tweet, Season 2! In the meantime, you may catch him in some commercials or trying to keep up with his three beautiful kids at the park or the beach. Jason also enjoys throwing weights and flipping tires on a daily basis at Hard Exercise Works, and in "down time," flipping pages in a book....yes, actual pages.

Nurse Rob 

played by Bruce Linser

"That one's going in my hall of fame" 

character biography

Nurse Rob is the slightly effeminate school nurse. He is meticulous, and has a dry sense of humor. There’s not a problem that Nurse Rob can’t solve with his wit. GO, WHATEVER!!


actor biography

Bruce Linser is a teacher, coach, director, musical director, actor, and singer. He has performed across the country in plays, musicals, and his own cabaret shows which include songs from the Great American Songbook as well as selections from Broadway shows. He currently is the Dean of Theatre at the prestigious Dreyfoos School of the Arts in South Florida.


played by Christy Antonio

"You have fabulous hair"

character biography

Mabel at first glance looks perfectly normal; don’t we all? In fact, Mabel is full blown crazy. She has a fetish for sharp things and cutting people’s hair. Falling Waters Mental Health Facility, being a low security spa-like institution, has its hands full with Mabel as a resident 

actor biography

Christy has recently returned to acting after taking a few years off to play the best role of all, “Mom” to her 3 kids! Christy loves being an actor and has been fortunate to work in all mediums including commercials, film/tv and theatre. She was most recently seen in Graceland and Burn Notice on the USA network and as Elizabeth Moore in the Starz series Magic City. She just completed production on her first short film which she wrote and directed titled “To Have and Let Go”.

Tony Morelli

played by Tony Lewis Centore

"Okay Super Fly, how can I help you?"

character biography 

Tony Morelli is the distinguished front desk security guard that is astute at profiling the visitors at the crazy hospital; “IXNA ON THE AZYCRA.” Oh, and he speaks pig-Latin. “Sorry Tony.”

actor biography

Tony is a South Florida based actor, whose credits include, Alfie on the Starz Network's Magic City, Leo the Dry Cleaner on Burn Notice, and a South Florida Mob Boss on the Sopranos.  Most recently, Tony just completed two films, Detours with Paul Sorvino, and A Turtle Tale with Mary Dudley. Tony would like to thank all involved with  Tweet from the very accomplished writers, production and to all the talented young actors, who told a wonderful story. 

Valor Pickett

played by Joe Leon

"What are words?"

character biography 

Valor Pickett is the eccentric English teacher at Harvey Lathrop High. Valor uses a Shakesperian-esque vernacular as his everyday voice, to the point of nauseum to the entire school, especially to Miss Butland. The stage light never dims on Valor; in his own mind. “GO-ITH THEM, THESE GHOSTS OF RED, OF WHICH YOU SPEAK!!”

actor biography

Joe Leon is an actor/singer/writer and baby boomer model living in South Florida. He has appeared on TV and in films, national commercials and print ads. He may best be know for his portrayal of  congressman Gary Condit in "Who Killed Chandra Levy". 
Joe's spare time is consumed with playing the guitar, singing, writing songs, and golfing with friends.

Miss Buttland

played by Karen Chimato

"Empty the damn box Valor" 

character biography 

Miss Buttland is the stern school secretary at Lathrop Harvey High. She has made it her mission to run a tight ship with everyone except herself. Miss Butland is cantankerous and quick to inflame. She feels over-worked and under-appreciated. She soothes her frustration and loneliness on Facebook to the point of addiction.

actor biography

Karen Chimato is an actress from Jupiter Florida. She has been in many independent feature films including, Hollow Creek, Hidden Assets and Marriage Material. Karen will most recently appear as Mother Evil in the superhero film, Sidekicked and Naomi in the feature film, Love & Contempt. Karen trains and studies scene work with Burt Reynolds in his Master Class and also enjoys thrift shopping, researching plays and material, crafts and spending time with family and friends.


played by Charlie Blackwell

"What's french kissing?"

character biography

Dalton is Matty's younger brother, and Jeremy's "minion." Dalton and Matty are often Jeremy’s goons when punking his sister.

actor biography

Charlie Blackwell is an 11 year old model and actor from South Florida. Charlie can be seen in 15+ national commercials, and hundreds of national print campaigns. Charlie loves to act, and is thrilled to be attending Bak Middle School of the Arts as a theater major next year. In his free time, Charlie enjoys singing, dancing, playing video games, updating his Instagram, and hanging with his three siblings, Drew, Owen, (who plays Matty), and Taylor, (who plays Fallon Ward).



played by Owen Blackwell

"Yeah, right!"

character biography

Matty is Dalton's older brother, and a friend of Jeremy. The ready-for-hire mischievous Matty and Dalton are always up for a good prank. 

actor biography

Owen Blackwell is a 14 year old model and actor from South Florida. Owen has appeared in hundreds of national print campaigns, and several commercials. Owen recently graduated from Bak Middle School of the Arts, where he learned all aspects of theater. Owen likes to sweat, and can often be found playing basketball, soccer, and football with his friends. Owen also enjoys binge - watching The Walking Dead and Lost, playing video games, and spending time with his siblings Drew, Charlie, (who plays Dalton), and Taylor, (who plays Fallon Ward). 


played by James Anthony Davis

"I work - no money. I pay rent - no money. Is beautiful country, yes?"

character biography

Yuri is employee 001 at Vintage Diversity. A recent Russian immigrant with a love for America, Yuri lives above Pru’s store and runs it on Pru’s day off. He works, no money…he pays rent, no money. It’s a beautiful country. Yes? No?

actor biography

James Anthony Davis was born in Phoenixville, PA. 
James has performed in professional stage and film productions, including roles in All My Sons, The Shift Rising, Il Debito Della Tentazione, and The Waiting Room. When he is not performing, he is working as the CEO of Elgin Marble, Inc., traveling the globe, running, watching movies, or he is spending time with his wife, Sue, his twin daughters, Jenny and Shellie, and his friends. 


played by Taylor Hofmann

"Did you puke? I always puke when I faint" 

character biography

Trish is Jenna’s annoying pre-teen cousin back in Ohio. Trish has an attitude with a capital T!!

actor biography

Taylor Hofmann is a 14-year-old actress from Florida. Taylor’s passion for acting began at a very young age when she would put on weekly skits complete with wardrobe for anyone and everyone who would be her audience. Since that time she has gone on to perform in several theater productions and commercials. Tweet- the series is her first web series, where she not only plays Trish but is also a Teen Associate Producer for the series. In her free time, Taylor enjoys going to the beach, spending time with friends, making collages and of course doing what most teenage girls love to do… Shop!

Lilli Ann 

played by Jessie Rae Jordan

"Sugar! I don't think that's fair" 

character biography

Lilli Ann is the smartest girl at Harvey Lathrop High, and she knows it. In fact, she’s smarter than half the teachers at LH High. She wears a uniform to school even though there is no uniform requirement. She’s a test fanatic and quite annoying to the rest of the student-body. “GO RED GHOSTS? There’s no time for sitting on a bleacher yelling rah-rah at a bunch of sweaty boys with a leather egg in their hands!! Come ON people!!”

actor biography

Jessie Rae Jordan is a 16 year old actress from Pembroke Pines, Florida. Jessie has been a part of musical theatre since she was 9 and has studied musical theatre in New York City at the Broadway Artists Alliance program. Jessie enjoys singing, dancing, playing the guitar, playing the piano, drawing, and running.


played by Laurel Levey

"Two conditions - after hours, and the wine will be flowing!"

character biography

Gabby is the sexy beauty salon owner that’s next door to Petey’s shop.

actor biography

Laurel Levey is a paradox; a natural blonde with brains, talent and drive. She was born & raised in Southern California and theatrically trained by her mother, a celebrated British stage actress. Laurel grew up excelling in acting, dancing and gymnastics, which combined with her bubbly and enthusiastic persona, makes her a formidable on-screen performer. Not only is she a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild, her broad range of life experiences (marriage, divorce, single motherhood, career woman, and her many years living abroad) has prepared her to understand and inhabit the diverse characters she has performed on stage, appeared in film, hit TV shows, and numerous commercials worldwide. Laurel is also a voice-dubbing artist and is quite the polyglot; fluent in many languages; American English, British English, Spanish, Hebrew and a smattering of Italian, Farsi & Arabic. With her three daughters now grown, Laurel is passionately dedicating her full time to the show business career she was always meant to have.

Mr. Bogardus

played by Vincent Chimato

"Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit"

character biography

Mr. Bogardus is the loveable maintenance man at Lathrop Harvey High. He is of southern dissent and often uses Appalachian colloquialisms to be funny. He’s good at his job…well, most of the time. There was the flooding of building one that has been hushed.

actor biography

Vincent Chimato is an actor based in Los Angeles, California who enjoys writing about himself in the 3rd person. He keeps quiet about his questionable motives and checkered past, but he has agreed to share some of his credits with us. Vincent's television appearances include USA Network's Burn Notice with Jeffrey Donovan. Film credits include Girls Gone Dead & Stuck, amongst others. Vincent can most recently be seen as Roman in the feature film Marriage Material, available now on iTunes, Amazon and coming soon to Video On Demand. 

Nurse Paul

played by Donovan Mulling

"Mabel! What do you have in your hand?"

character biography

A registered psychiatric RN at Falling Waters has become lackadaisical with his duties since Falling Waters is a low-security haven for low-risk mental health patients. The almost spa-like setting has lulled his professional grip and Mabel takes advantage of it.

actor biography

Donovan Mullings in an improvisor, actor and voice over artist born and raised in South Florida. He has his Bachelor of the Fine Arts degree from the University of Florida with a major in Theatre and Performance. He can be found throughout the West Palm Beach area performing improv with the Mod27 improv company. His reason for performing is to bring joy to as many as possible.


played by Valeria Valencia

"I bet you say that to all the girls"

character biography

Leah is Harvey Lathrop High’s atypical beauty queen. She’s beautiful, smart, nice, easy to get along with, but thinks Fallon is a little off her rocker. Riley wants her, but she’s having none of that. GO RED GHOSTS!!

actor biography

Valeria Valencia is a 16 year old model and actress, who was born in Chicago and raised in Florida, Valeria always had a passion for acting but her mother thought it was just a phase. Then she started getting involved in drama classes at school and doing performances that is when her parents knew she was not kidding, she started taking acting classes very seriously and going to workshops. Valeria enjoyed working in Tweet- the series and is proud of being part of this wonderful project. She also does print, modeling and fashion shows. Valeria has done ballet, jazz and has been in some dance recitals, in her free time she enjoyed technology, writing, playing soccer, dance and being with her friends and family.


played by Josh Lascano

"It's not stolen, is it?" 

character biography

Brad is Riley’s team mate at Harvey Lathrop High. GO RED GHOSTS!!

actor biography

Josh Lascano was born and raised in Miami, Florida.  He attended Belen Jesuit Preparatory School where he ran XC and was a member of the Thespian Troupe. From a very young age, Josh knew he wanted to be an actor. He began work on commercial modeling and acting after being scouted by an agent in Miami Beach. He loves outdoor sports, video games, and going to the beach with his friends. Josh has an older brother named Tony.  


played by Steven Aronson 

"It's a freakin' three G. Hey, I don't want this piece of crap!"

character biography

Jack is Riley’s team mate at Harvey Lathrop High. GO RED GHOSTS!

actor biography

Steven Aronson is an Actor, Violinist, Model and a High Honor Roll Student. Steven was born in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. He is best known as young Azi from Evil Intentions 2015. At age 7, his charisma and love for the Arts inspired him to begin taking violin lessons, but his passion for acting started during his middle school years where he became active in different school plays. During his free time, Steven loves to write by creating stories and characters that are unique and different. He is very active in the Fine Arts department of his high school where he studies and performs in the orchestra as a violinist and acts in the theatre plays. Steven is currently majoring in Theatre, and trains with a personal acting coach. He has done several infomercials and print modeling. He is very proud to be part of Tweet The Series where he plays the role of Jack and is also loving the experience of being a Teen Associate Producer for the series.



played by Natalie Bocco

"My dog ate it"

character biography

Olivia is Harvey Lathrop High’s quick-talking, rule bending, get-what-she-wants student. GO RED GHOSTS!!

actor biography

Natalie has enjoyed entertaining people since she was a child. Her first feature role was the Lion in the Wizard of Oz with Wellington Children’s Theater. She continued acting lessons with the company until she attended Dream Middle School; a featured school for the performing arts. Natalie was cast as the mom (and dudette) in the play, “ What I learned from being a Zombie”. In Natalie’s spare time she worked with Standing Ovation performing Arts Company. She was cast a cheerleader in “High School Musical.” Natalie exudes her talent in impersonations and was chosen to replicate Queen Elizabeth in a wax museum presentation at Dream Middle School. As Shakespeare is laced through Natalie’s progressive interest in acting, she was cast in Macbeth and was the first witch at her school play. Natalie continues to audition for film and theater and she looks forward to studying acting and comedy in her freshman year at Wellington High School. Natalie is fluent in Spanish and has traveled through Europe and South America.