Tweet- the series

A teen paranormal webseries 


Tweet- the Series: A teen paranormal webseries. The world's most powerful fortune teller is in the hands of a TEENAGER! It all started with Fallon, a typical teenager with a broken iPhone that starts sending her psychic tweets about her life that come true. She struggles to make sense of it all with each paranormal tweet. (Tweet- The Series) is a teen paranormal web series that follows the haunting of a teen. 

Starring: Taylor Blackwell, Donnie O'Connor, Cayla Brady, Carson Rowland, Mario Xavier, Mike Benitez, Avery Sommers, Jessica K. Peterson, Jason Anderson, Bruce Linser, Christy Antonio, Tony Lewis Centore, Joe Leon, and Karen Chimato. 



The average-age of an actor in the role of a teenager is 22.5 years old! 

* The ratio of men to women behind the camera is 5 to 1!

Both these groups have been ignored in Hollywood and we want to change that by providing creative opportunities to come together and tell a story. 

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